December 19, 2022

The funds collected by our organization were transferred to the Charitable Organization "Prykhistok Charitable Foundation". This money was used to buy Christmas sets, which were given to families in different cities of Ukraine.

1-2 photos
A large IDPs family from Kherson with small children, a single mother.

3 photo
A large IDPs family from Donetsk region, single mother

4 photo
A large IDPs family from the Zaporizhia region with small children

5 photo
IDPs from the Mykolaiv region. Job loss, lack of money, disabled child (oncology)

6 photo
Retired people, front zone (Donetsk region)

7 photo
Cerebral palsy, Group A, for life

8 photo
Refugees from the Sumy region who ended up in the city of Seredyna-Buda, who were left without work and without means of livelihood

9-10 photos
A large family (5 children) from Zaporizhzhya region, Vasylkivskyi district, village. Kamianske. They were left without a home, the house was destroyed, they rent the house now

11 photo
IDPs from the occupied territory of Zaporizhia region. The younger daughter is 6 years old, the older boy is disabled, the single mother cannot work, don't have enough money for medicines, utilities

12-13 photos
A large family, a child with a disability, are now unemployed